Auriga Space

Electrically Powered, Frequent, On-Demand Hypersonic Space Launches

Electrically Launching Payloads

To Radically Accelerate 

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic levitation ensures an efficient ride with minimal vibration for the payloads.


A pressure and temperature-controlled tunnel will be able to replicate atmospheric conditions from near-vacuum level up to 200,000ft. This feature can be used to create relevant flight environments for testing, or reduce aerodrag for launch.

Powerful linear electric motors

Using proprietary electric motor technology, Auriga is able to accelerate a launch vehicle to over 6 times the speed of sound.

Test With Us

Hypersonic Ground & Flight Testing

Auriga’s suite of Linear Accelerators offers customers the capability to conduct multiple test types from a single platform, without compromising data quality.

Capabilities Overview

Our Roadmap

Three Steps To Orbit


Lab-scale ballistic and recoverable
hypersonic testing of subsystems.


Full-scale hypersonic testing at
relevant flight conditions.


On-demand and daily dedicated
launches to orbit.

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