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Space Launches

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Pioneering Electromagnetic Technology for Responsive and Sustainable Space Exploration.

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Expanded Launch Capacity.

Electromagnetic technology simplifies the launch mechanism and reduces its mass and need for fuel, resulting in more efficient and less expensive launches. These cost-efficiencies translate into more launches, enabling frequent and faster delivery of payloads into space.

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Flexibility in Launch Schedules.

Our launch system enables responsive and on-demand space operations for commercial and government customers. Satellite operators can respond quickly, optimize positioning, and access critical orbits. In short, we make space more agile.

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Clean Space Launches.

Over 70% of a rocket’s mass burns off within the first 2 to 3 minutes. In contrast, we substitute the enormous amount of chemical propellant with electricity, leading the shift towards an environmentally sustainable space industry. 


Auriga Space Emerges from Stealth with $5M Funding Round

Auriga Space emerged from stealth today with a novel electromagnetic launch system and $5M in its pocket for prototyping and expanding its LA facility. Winnie Lai founded Auriga in 2022...


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Auriga Space Secures $5 Million In Initial Funding for Electromagnetic Space Launch

Since the beginning of humanity, space has captivated our imaginations. In the 66 years since the launch of the first satellite, we have sent spacecrafts, instruments and people to explore beyond our planet...